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To Job Seekers

Jobs Nippon is a recruitment site specializing in jobs requiring English language ability. We provide information about jobs requiring native English speakers, native-level speakers, and bilingual Japanese workers. We list a variety of jobs on our site, including English instructors and ALT positions, jobs in translation and localization, educational materials production, general office work requiring English, customer support, and many other jobs that allow you to make use of your language abilities on a global level. We offer access to all of these job listings entirely free of charge.

Our Service

We at Jobs Nippon recommend jobs that require English language skills based on your skills and professional goals. All of our services are free of charge, from recommendation to post-employment support. Our professional agents will provide full support from discussing your ideal job to recommending the best fit based on your professional goals.

How it works…

1. Applying for a Job (Inquiry)

Fill in the entry on our website if you wish to apply for a job. We will contact you as soon as possible after we receive your application. Even if the job you apply for doesn’t quite match up with what you are looking for, we can use this as a starting point to provide consulting and job recommendation services based on the criteria you entered in your first inquiry.

2. Interview / Consulting

If you’re able to meet in person, please come to any of our offices that is close to you. Our agents will offer full support services, including reviewing your application and discussing your ideal job to help you find the right fit. We can also arrange an online interview for those who are unable to visit our offices in person.

3. Document Screening

Once we’ve come up with a good job recommendation after interviewing you, we’ll go ahead and send our recommendation to the company. From there, we’ll assist in arranging interviews and any other procedures the company may require.

4. Interview

An interview is held with the company you applied to. One of our agents will also be present at the interview, and will accompany you there if you are unfamiliar with the area of the interviewing company. After the interview, we offer counseling for those considering whether or not to take a job offer, etc.

5. Employment / Job Offer

We offer support even after you have landed your new job or received a job offer. You are free to consult with us regarding trouble in the workplace stemming from Japanese-style company rules or general business etiquette.

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